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Blueberry Waffle Recipe

Today, we want to welcome Dorothy Miller from The Little Things and her blueberry waffle recipe. She is the drop manager for our drop in Iowa City, IA and let me tell you, she is a HUGE blessing to CRT, to Azure, and to me personally! I have never met someone like her. (True statement there! I’ve not actually met her in real life!) This has been a difficult winter for deliveries with the bad weather, various trucking issues, and the fact that we are short a driver. Every time I call Dorothy with a schedule change her response is always, “That isn’t a big deal. Would you like us to meet with another drop? How can we best serve our driver?” What a blessing she is!

Dorothy has submitted this blueberry waffle recipe on her blog and has given us permission to share here too. I can’t wait to try these waffles! Won’t you try them with us too? If you want to read her original blogpost with the recipes, that can be found here.

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*2 c Whole Wheat Flour
*1/4 c ground Golden Flax Seed
*1/4 c Olive Oil
*2 c Milk (We use raw organic and I sometimes substitute 1/2 c of plain yogurt for 1/2 of the milk)
*4 Eggs separated
*1 t. Salt
*2 t Baking Powder
*BlueberriesChocolate chips, (both are available from AS at great pricing! I just got a case of the frozen bulk Blueberries and OWM they remind me so much of how they taste fresh!!)

Combine dry ingredients, add oil, egg yolks and milk.  Beat egg whites until they are stiff and fold in until well mixed.  I grease my waffle iron with real butter and place desired amount in and then place blueberries or chocolate chips right on top.  (I put both in mine  )

For a quick and easy syrup:
*3 cups Organic Raw Sugar
*1 c Organic Brown Sugar
*2 c water
*1 T Maple Flavoring
Simmer together till sugar is dissolved.  Avoid boiling as that will make so that leftovers get sugary.

The waffle batter is great as leftovers for several days. But I always try to warn people that the flax seems to have a stronger taste after the first day.


Thank you, Dorothy for sharing! If you are in the Iowa City IA area, be sure to give us a call in the office and we’d love to get you connected with Dorothy and her Azure drop. 785-380-0034.

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