Christmas Devotions- Seasons of Prudent Living

Keeping in mind this Holiday Season, my mother, Connie, and I have written this devotion, for you, as our gift to the Lord. You will find that we have broken this study of prudence into small daily Christmas devotions that you can expand upon and ponder throughout your busy days. Since prudence is the practical use of wisdom or what I like to call, wisdom put to use, we have included a section titled “Practical Application” that accompanies each devotion. Periodically, through the devotional you will also find “Prudent Tips” written as a reminder that we can not separate prudence from the wisdom of God. The prudent understand that it is God’s wisdom living within in us that gives us direction for our days. I pray that these “Prudent Tips” give you some practical ways to apply His Word in your home in a creative way. Additional references have been given for you to look up. All Scripture, unless otherwise noted, is taken from the King James Bible.

As our hearts turn towards the Lord I am confident that He will open our eyes to practical ways to apply wisdom in our decision making, our relationships, even in our thinking. We invite you to write to us at anytime and share how God is working in your life. We are honored to pray for you as your Sisters in Christ.

Prudent Living

Until our next chat,

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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