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Danny Boy’s First Loose Tooth

I was working at my desk this morning, when Matthew ran up to my office saying, “Mommy when do kids lose their teeth?”

The randomness of his question doesn’t surprise me. I am used to random, even bizarre questions. Remember, I’m a mom of 11- 8 of them boys.

There’s a lot of “randomness” going on in this house. 

“Oh, I don’t know. Between the ages of 4-6 I guess is when they first start to lose them. Why do you ask?” I replied.

“Because I was just sitting with Danny when he told me his teeth were falling out. I told him, ‘No sir!’ but then he showed me, and Mommy he has a loose tooth!!”

Loose teeth… why do they bring such a wealth of emotion up in me?

Little Boys Grow up

My oldest son is 27. I still remember the excitement over him losing his first tooth. He so desperately wanted it to fall out. His little sister was even eager to see it finally happening. I remember us trying every trick we knew to help it. It still makes me laugh as I think back to those younger years. Those firsts for me as a mom, and firsts for my little ones. The laughter we shared. They are precious memories.

So why was I melancholy today about Danny Boys first loose tooth?

Maybe it’s because I was also taking multiple calls for his upcoming surgery or because of the emails back and forth regarding his last surgery results. Maybe it was because I know this will be the last “first tooth” lost in the Wood family.

I don’t know.

I just keep thinking… he’s too little. I know. I know. He’s four, but to this momma he’s still my baby. It’s a conflict in my mind to consider him old enough to lose his first tooth.

I wonder, how can I make this “last” first tooth lost memorable? I will have to ponder that. Anyone have an idea they want to share? I’d love to hear.

It’s not like I haven’t seen a child lose a tooth before. In fact, to date, I have witnessed 200 teeth lost… that’s a lot of teeth. You’d think the newness, the specialness, the magic of it all would wear off… but it doesn’t!

For now, I sit hoping I don’t miss one single moment of these precious days. I hope it won’t fall out as he sleeps (like it has for some children). I hope he won’t be afraid like some of the little ones were at first. I hope it will be the most perfect first lost tooth experience… ever!

Is that goofy?

Maybe it is.

I just know I want to remember these sweet days forever and always!

Until our next chat,

Mrs Joseph Wood

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