Welcome Home… Today is the day!

It’s almost midnight. Which means it’s almost the day my parents arrive to live with us in KS forever!!

Momma and Daddy are driving across country making their way to KS. A place they have called home for so long.

Two of my boys helped them pack the Penske Rental Truck. Finish all those details like disconnecting the phone, forwarding the mail, taking friends the last apple pie that momma will ever make them.

It’s not perfect. We still wait for the Lord to sell their CA home. Yet, the worry and anxiety are dim to the overwhelming joy we have to be together again!

There are so many emotions.

Momma told me today that she found herself wanting to scream with excitement as she crossed through New Mexico, four states closer to Home.

I keep praying for them as they travel. I don’t know how many times God has heard me say, Thank you this week. I can’t keep count.


My granddaughter, Miss Emmy, expressed how we all feel when she smiled and hugged her momma at the news of Grandma Honey coming Home to KS saying, “Thank you Jesus.”

There’s been a group family text going on talking about brownies made by my daughter in love and a fishing trip with pictures of fishing poles as my son in law looks forward to fishing for the first time with momma in KS. Oh! And don’t forget the pink sparkling cake that Emmy wants to make!

Saturday, we will all meet at the farm here for our traditional autumn walk we take each year since moving to KS. This will be the first year momma and daddy will be joining us. I love making memories like this!

There will be much work to do as we get everything put away and in place.

There will be furniture moved as we remodel the home….

But most importantly, there will be all of us together again!! And that feels so very good.

If my calculations are right, only 15 more hours until we all run out the front door cheering, “Welcome Home!”

Until our next chat,

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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