12019860_10205349042431158_8044145986408355778_nHello! I’m so glad you decided to stop by!

My name is Jeanette Wood, however; I often sign my name as Mrs. Joseph Wood. You can read about my Curious Signature in this blog post where I share how it all started and why it has remained my signature throughout the years.

Being a woman is so complex, don’t you agree? I mean, how do we tell a new friend who we really are and what we’re really all about? I don’t know that I have the answer to that question, but I’m going to try and tackle that task right now! Grab your favorite beverage and join me as I share some little details about my life that not everyone knows.

I am a woman. 

A woman who desperately needs more of God! I was raised in a Christian home, but did not surrender my life to the Lord until I was in my early twenties. I learned all the “right” answers, but that’s where it ended. It wasn’t until one night, when my life was a total mess that I finally surrounded it all to Him! That was the first moment to the rest of my life, a beautiful life, that I had no idea was even possible. Related blog posts: 100 Things I Love, Perfectly Imperfect, How to Overcome Insecurity

I am a daughter.

I am the only daughter of Richard and Connie Renfro, two of the most loving and giving individuals I know. They raised my brother and I with such passion. Because of the investment they have poured into my life, I am what some would call a fighter, what others would call an optimist, what some would call a perfectionist, and others would call passionate. I have fond memories of wrestling with my father, coming home from school to a mother who had made me and all my friends goodies, memories of story time, and water fights with the garden hose on hot summer days flood my mind! Our relationship wasn’t always good. I was very rebellious growing up. Honestly, I haven’t met anyone as angry and rebellious as I was. It wasn’t until I gave my life to the Lord that our relationship had any hope. My parents taught me how to parent the prodigal child. Related blog posts: Mother’s Day Thoughts, Father’s Day Breakfast

I am a wife.


I am the wife to my dear Joe. We delight in each other. Together, we love to tackle what others call impossible tasks. Only by God’s grace have we endured many storms that this life has blown our direction. We are best friends. I love how my dear Joe dreams with me, shares with me, and makes me part of his life. Yet, my Joe is not perfect and by all means I am not perfect. I am confident that God brought us together so He could show His perfect love through two imperfect people… If you ever meet my Joe you’ll have to ask him how we met. His version of the story is much better retold than mine. As usual, I was going 1000 different directions and totally distracted! Didn’t even notice him the first time he saw me. I do share some of the details of our journey as husband and wife in several blog posts here on the site. I hope they will be an encouragement to you. Related blog posts: Intimacy in the Christian Marriage Series,  She Wants YOUR Husband, When You’ve lost Your Husband’s Heart 2 Part Series

I am a mother. 


The Lord has made me a joyful mother of children! We have been blessed with six children we gave birth to physically and then five that were born from our hearts through adoption. I love to talk about my children. They have taught me so much about being a woman who lives out her faith daily before the Lord! I would not be the woman without each of these children in my life. Just as they are each unique God has used them in unique ways to draw me nearer to Him. If you’d like to meet each of my blessings, I share more about them over on our “Meet my family” page. Related blog posts: Six things I would say to myself as a younger mom, Resolving the conflict between wife and mother, Purposeful Motherhood, What’s it like to be a mommy to a boy like me? 

I am a grandmother.


The Lord has blessed my children with marriage and little ones. I share more about the joys of each child on our “Meet my Family” page. Let me just say that being a grandparent has been one of the most enjoyable seasons of life thus far. There is nothing sweeter than seeing your own child now parenting a child. It has been rewarding to listen to their hearts, remember those early days of mothering and encourage them to run the race set before them with great patience! I am enjoying these different seasons of life! I am blessed! Related blog posts:

I am a sister, friend, mentor, employer, homeschooler, writer, and speaker. 

I love investing my life into others, as the Lord allows. As I have shared above, many people have been gracious enough to invest their lives into me! I have loved answering questions, and sharing how God is directing our steps on a daily basis with women from around the world. I am richly blessed! We currently live on 16 acres in Topeka, KS where my parents will soon join us. We grow and raise as much of our food as possible and then buy what we can’t grow at Azure Standard. We have homeschooled all of our children for the last 23 years. Our family also owns a trucking company, Covenant Ranch Trucking LLC. With the help of our oldest son, Jedidiah, and son in law, Jacob, we delivery for Azure Standard to 21 states. If you’ve never heard of Azure Standard and want to find affordable whole food, make sure you visit their website where you can find your nearest drop. As a family, we work together to keep both the business and the farm moving forward.

Here are some other random facts about me.   

I drink way too much coffee, but not just any coffee. I enjoy the caramel macchiato best.

I have lived off the grid, in a tent (with 5 children at the time) washed my clothes in a creek, & cooked over fire.

I love order. A room isn’t clean to me if the cabinets and drawers aren’t clean and organized too

I am not an “artsy” person, but I absolutely love the work of others.

I sound terrible when I sing, but I love to sing my heart out anyways!

I often tell my Joe to, “Hug all the badness out of me” when I’m feeling grouchy.

I love to garden, actually I just love to play in the dirt!

Well, there you have it! How’d I do at summing all of “me” up?! It sure was fun to share.

By the way, welcome to A Moment with MOM.  I really am delighted that you’ve stopped by.

Let me open the virtual windows of our home and allow you to see the transformation process of a Sinner saved by grace! 

With much love,

Mrs. Joseph Wood