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Review: Girls of American History Marie-Grace and Cecile

Multi-sensory learning is a technique that many homeschool families are beginning to embrace. With the explosion of technology and outside learning opportunities no longer are we as homeschool teachers limited to what is available in books or boxed curriculums. Multi-sensory learning incorporates the five senses in the learning process. In other words, lesson plans in […]

Honey Nut Pumpkin Granola

  I remember my Mom making granola every single fall. It always made the house smell so amazing and we ate it in granola bars for snacks, in trail mix before sports practice during the week,  with milk for breakfast, and in yogurt for lunch. She made some with nuts and some with dried fruit, […]

Painted Pumpkins

Here’s another very pretty way to decorate a pumpkin for your home or porch! Paint a design on it! From Polka-dots, to stripes, to flowers or even chevron patterns, there are countless possibilities! You could even paint over lace using it as a stencil to make pretty designs, or put glitter paint on the stem. […]

Gift Giving – Keeping Perspective

The holidays are certainly upon us and the season is in full swing! Every single year, I determine to enjoy the holiday season stress free and Christ centered. And we are making strides to do better. But the truth is, it takes deliberate planning to keep the proper focus. This year we have a wonderful […]

Monogram Pumpkin

This is an idea I saw one of my neighbors use to decorate their porch. They put a letter on their pumpkin for decoration. It’s A Monogrammed Pumpkin! To make this fall pumpkin craft you will simply need: Paint and a paintbrush (and a Stencil if you’d like.) My Brother in law, Elisha Wood painted […]