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Traveling in Georgia

We’re traveling in Georgia today. Making deliveries for Azure Standard and visiting local farms and families along the way. As soon as we began this trip I was craving raw milk. I decided to start searching online for a family farm who offers raw milk to their local community. I found, My Dad and Me Family […]

Every Prudent Man…

This week’s, “Wednesday in the Word”, moment was written by my mother several years ago. It is a timely reminder of the importance of being prudent and how we can apply prudence to our everyday conversations, relationships, and choices. I hope you will be as blessed as I was by reading this. Make sure you […]

Refreshment For Our Soul

All of us experience exhaustion at some point in our lives. Days when we’ve given our very best, yet all we have to show for it is mental, physical, and spiritual exhaustion. I’m in trouble when I am living in a state of exhaustion instead of experiencing refreshment for my soul. Even when I am […]

100 Years of Paragraphs

It’s easy to read the Bible and miss the fact that I read from one paragraph to another forgetting about the time it took to live out those paragraphs. Sometimes there are 25 years missing, 100 years of missing paragraphs, or even 1000 years of moments that were never documented. It’s easy to forget about […]

Our Autumn Walk

Every year since we moved to Kansas our family has taken an Autumn Walk. This year was special to have my parents join us. The year before last was memorable because Zech and Beth Joy were with us. The year before that we had special moments taking Danny Boy for his first Autumn walk. Each […]