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Real Life in Full Motion

Good Morning, Friends! Life has been crazy, busy, fun, challenging, heart breaking, down right hard and completely satisfying! I guess if I had to sum my life up it would be… real life in full motion! Before I share those details let me first say, a HUGE thank you to the tech guys for getting the website […]

Hope When it Hurts

Let’s face it, there are times in life when it would be easier to accept the painful, ugly moments of life rather than Hope for something different. Sometimes we don’t know that we have the strength to Hope when it hurts. We don’t know if we can see how things could be through the tears of how […]


Someday, I won’t be washing handprints off the hall walls. Someday, I won’t discover lizards in the laundry. Someday, I won’t see the crayon markings on the window. Someday, there will be no cupcake crumbs to sweep off the kitchen floor. Someday, I won’t need to write out homeschool lessons or grade papers. Someday, I won’t answer the front door with […]

Hello This Is Frazzled

I received a letter from my mother the other day that brought me to tears. Tears because I know that it’s True, yet I often forget the reality of it. God is standing guard, watching, caring, and protecting me from “Frazzled” and every other dark thing out there. You probably already heard that three of the […]

Chickenpox To Do List

Chickenpox! Did I seriously just type that word? I should probably make myself a Chickenpox To Do list! That’s what I need to do! If I start to think of what chickenpox in a large family might look like… I just have to stop myself from thinking about it anymore! And then I start thinking […]