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Dinner… Umm Umm Good!

Tonight I made a chicken noodle soup that turned out really yummy. In fact my 8yo said that if I made that when we get to heaven Jesus would LOVE it! It was super simple to make go ahead and give it a try for your family and see if they like it too! Keep […]

Praise God!

Yesterday, I took Jed in for an interview and out to lunch while Joe and the children went to the property. Everyone has a delightful time and hates to return to our “city home.” We are all eager for the adoption to be final so that we can stay at the property full time. The […]

It’s Monday Morning!

Today is a wonderful day- This is the day the Lord hath made!!!   We have returned from a weekend at the cabin and the work is starting to show some real progress. I had to giggle when a dear friend emailed me after visiting the blog and made note of how “interesting” the photos […]

Quail for Dinner? Maybe not!

Okay, I must share about this because it is just too funny to not save for the children to read later!   This last Tuesday, October 3rd, Joe and Jed were working hard on fencing. They finished the property fence all 40 acres of it and had to begin the fence for our animals area. […]

A Night with the Sheep Oct. 5th

Just in case you are wondering I am a day behind in posting so that is why I am putting dates with my title entries. Hopefully I can get caught up on posting and share from my journal about our entire adventure in getting this property- it is a fun story to share about!   […]

Oct. 4th at AB RANCH

Well first of all, today was my little boy's 9th birthday! He was such a delight today and I wish we could have spent more time celebrating his day but life at the ranch busy!   We decided to name our Ranch- AB Ranch for Acres of Blessings. Joe would have liked something more like […]

The Advantages of a Small Home

The Lord blessed us with 40 acres up near Yosemite here in California. Our property has 4 year around springs, 3 creeks (two seasonal and one that runs year around with a breath taking waterfall!), 1 pond, many varieties of fruit trees, wild grapes, blackberries, raspberries, walnut trees and a cozy 3 bedroom/1 bath 1000 sq. […]