Moments of sharing in Proverbs as we seek for Wisdom

Crown of No interruptions…

Hello Friends!
I just had to share this fun photo with you! Does anyone else ever have a difficult time thinking? I sure do- I’ve been known to even forget my name! The last few days my little ones have had so many questions that I can barely catch my breath before the next question comes flying at me. Finally, Elisha could see that I was trying to concentrate on a writing project and asked if I was okay. I assured him that I wanted to hear what he and the others had to say. I love the fact that they share their thoughts, dreams and concerns with me. I love answering all their questions however, at the moment I was really trying to concentrate and every time someone asked me a question I completely forgot what I was thinking.  We giggled about my lack of concentration skills and pretty soon he returned with a crown that he made just for me!  He "crowned" me with the crown of no interruptions and then explained to the children how it works. He said, "When you see mommy wearing this crown you have to wait to talk to her so she doesn’t lose all her thoughts." All of the children, including the toddlers acted as if what he said was the law. However, it wasn’t too long before a little one failed to notice  my "crown of no interruptions" and started asking me something when mid sentence they caught themselves and said, "Oops! I am sorry mommy. I didn’t see your crown was on."  I couldn’t help but laugh and hug them tight. Yes, the thought was gone so I had to retrace my thoughts to get back to where I was… but it was worth it! My little ones are just so precious. I enjoy them richly!!!

With much love,
Mrs. Joseph Wood

Bekah decided to take photos of my crown in use.

This is me trying to retrace those "lost thoughts"

Praise Reports and a day in the Wood family

The Wood family would like to share some answers to prayer. We have had so many of you continue to pray for us and we thank you again for your love toward us. We have decided to boast on His good work and share continued needs of prayer.

Praise Reports:
We had asked for prayer regarding the sale of two trailers that we used to move from CA to KS. God answered those prayers quickly and both trailers are now sold.

We asked for Joy and Peace on our home as we went through this time of transition. This move has to be one of the most peaceful and joyful experiences for each member of the family that we have ever experienced.

We had prayed that He would allow us to be a blessing to our neighbors-we are seeing this prayer answered daily! They too are a blessing to us!

We asked for His grace and mercy as we left my parents and oldest son in CA  we also asked for patience as we wait His timing to bring us together again. It has been the Lord that has comforted our hearts- we trust Him to work out all the details for our good and His Glory! By His strength we have been able to do what would have been impossible in our own strength.

We had asked for prayer for Joe’s new work. God has given him favor and is blessing the works of his hands! We thank the Father for going before us and making a way!

Prayer requests:
For continued vision to see how He sees and do as He would have us to do.

For those lives we are touching. That we would be a testimony of His love and the enemy would have no room to divide the body of Christ.

For the home in CA to sell.

Okay, so now to answer all those that have been asking, "What exactly do you do with your day now that you live in the city?" Well, let’s see… I do believe our days are much quieter and yet so much heart work is being accomplished. We are spending a great deal of time reading, studying, and writing out the Scriptures. I would guess several hours a day but I haven’t kept track. It has been more of a living activity and not a task.

We have been taking time to get to know our neighbors as well as the area we are living. Monday the children and I took a bus ride with our neighbors to the state capital. They had a wonderful time and scrap booked about it later that night.

We enjoy the Farmers Market and meet others with the same goals in nutrition as our family. The Lord went before us and gave us favor with a local bee keeper who wants to meet Timothy and offers scholarships to children to start their own bee keeping. What an answer to prayer that was for him!! He loves bees!  We also met a blueberry farmer and will be going out and picking blueberries later this week or next. We were able to stop and pray with the owner of the farm that has cancer. I praise God for allowing our paths to cross so we can be prayer warriors on their behalf!

The home is peaceful and quiet. The Lord has "made us to lay down in green pastures." Our days still begin early and end when the sun goes down. We stay on top of all the house work so that our home is clean and orderly. This enables us to minister to others without restrictions or the burden of clutter. The boys find gardening and yard work to do. They cleared a sidewalk area that had overgrown with grass. The neighbors said it hasn’t been done for at least the last six years. They were delighted to see the sidewalk again (It is a brick sidewalk that weeds can easily grow up between). Josiah  does several of the neighbors yards for money- He is enjoying this opportunity. Elisha continues his art work and is using it to minister to others. Some of the pictures the Lord has given him have been amazing! I will have to share them with you soon. Bekah, Beth and Sarah delight in ministering to the little children here in our area. They consider it a reward to hold the baby across the street and discuss who gets to hold her first when they see them coming to visit.

There are so many other things I could share- glimpses of His grace in our lives. However, I had sent the toddlers up to my room ahead of me so I could write you all a quick note- it is nap time here in the Wood Home. I’m afraid if I don’t get laid down with the toddlers quickly I’m going to miss this sweet time with them. I just love to cuddle with the little ones while they sleep don’t you?!

Until our next chat dear friends, may all His blessings abound in your heart and home all for His Glory!
With much love,
Mrs. Joseph Wood

Walking in Grace…

Hello Friends!
I am online doing some things for my Joe and thought I would share my heart for a moment, I do hope my thoughts come out clearly.

I just received a call from a precious Sister in Christ sharing her pain because she heard others were speaking evil about her. She isn’t aware of what or how she has offended others and has such a precious and sweet heart. I tried to encourage her because truthfully, I think we have all been there and it is important how we respond to those that chose to neglect love and pass judgement instead. My Joe and I have walked through similar situations where we have become aware of others "talking about us" (sometimes I want to box some ears of those that feel they need to call and tell me about it all!) we must carefully pray on how to respond. For us the Lord often leads us to show love and not confront the issue  I keep hearing the Lord’s voice say, "live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness." (1 Timothy 2:2) I am not saying the Father doesn’t ever call us to confront issues so please don’t get me wrong however, for Joe and I most often He simply asks us to continue sharing love, smiles and ignoring the cold shoulders we sometimes recieve in return. Yet some days I just wish I could shout from my roof top, "HEY! what are we doing?!? We’re Christians! NOT canabals!  We are all Family in Christ. Our Father is watching and tenderly cares for each of us!! We must not bring sorrow to the Father by our conduct with each other! We must walk in Grace and Love toward one another and treasure our differences knowing the Father uses each of us for HIS purpose!

With much love,
Mrs. Joseph Wood (Jeanette)