Hope Deferred

Proverbs 13:12, “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.”

When we are waiting for something to come about, our anxious thoughts consume us.

When what we’ve been hoping for does not come our way, our heart grows weary.  Each of us have had experiences where we had hoped for something that didn’t turn out like we planned.

Do you remember the disappointment as you realized it would not come to fruition?

The heart’s desire is dashed and frustration is our companion, we often pray as Psalms 38:9, telling God how weary we are; we cry pools of tears and our thoughts are consumed in grief as we wait upon His answers.

Hope Deferred

It is hard to wait, but while waiting, God often builds our faith.  We have many examples of those who have gone before us who were hoping for a child from an old body (Genesis 21:6-7); a father desiring to see a son who was lost for so long (Genesis 46:30); those waiting for the messiah (Luke 2:29-30); and our hope to see Jesus again one day (John 16:22).

It is true that when our hope is fulfilled, truly it is as if we have found a tree of life, we often praise God and rejoice for the thing we had hoped for has come to pass. Yet, God does not always say yes to everything we desire; He often tells us to wait and He will tell us no if our will is not within His will. What we need to do in these times that we have had our hopes dashed is to stop and praise God for His Sovereign Decisions concerning us.  We must realize that not all things are profitable for us.


Prayer: LORD, we long for your answers to our prayers; we petition you for your will to be done in our lives; make our will according to yours. We rejoice over the times when you have answered our prayers and quenched our longing.  And for those things that we did not see come to pass, forgive us for not praising you for your perfect plan.  LORD, we remember your hand upon your people, we remember your miracles of scripture and we remember your salvation for all who will receive and we glorify you for those things.  But on this day, we also glorify you for your silence to our worldly dreams and personal gains.  We thank you for your loving kindness as we allowed our heart to stray from your will.  LORD, we commit all that we are and hope to be to your hand and we ask that you remind us that even when you say no or wait, there is purpose and there is a perfect design.  We trust you with our future.  In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Abiding Still

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    • Connie Renfro
      Connie Renfro says:

      Tandy Sue, the world tells us that HOPE is fleeting, but I believe that we must HOPE becuase without it we cannot realize God’s ability in us. God’s word is filled with HOPE, if ever we need encouragement, we will surely find it there.

      Abiding Still


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