Healing Bone Broth

Healing Bone Broth

Yesterday, when I shared about my Chickenpox To Do List, I mentioned making a healing bone broth. I thought I would share more about that here.

When we lived off the grid, back in California, I had to learn to learn a great deal.

We didn’t have a refrigerator.

No garbage service.

No running water.

We had to learn to utilize everything. I used to tell the children, “If you’re throwing something out you probably don’t know what you’re really suppose to be doing with it.”

In the kitchen this rule applied to the majority of our situations. As fall approached you never saw my wood stove without a stock pot full of healing bone broth on the burner; it stayed that way most of the year.

Often when guests would visit, I would catch them peeking into the pot, soon followed by a series of questions. And why not? The aroma from the stock pot was inviting!
One of my favorite broths to make is a bone broth. I love chicken, beef, lamb, whatever we might have on hand. I am always telling people to save me the bones! I often put my kitchen scraps into the pot for a veggie broth, okay maybe I can’t pick my favorite between them all!
This is a perfect broth to make especially this time of year.
Healing Bone Broth
What you’ll Need:
Grass Fed Pasture Raised Cow, Lamb or Chicken/Turkey Bones
Apple Cider Vinegar
Stock Pot
Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper
Optional: Raw Butter
Optional Veggie “scraps”
I typically take whatever bones we might have left over from processing our animals. Turkeys, Chickens, Lambs, or Cows. If using cow or lamb bones I will usually brown them in a cast iron skillet with coconut oil first.
Place approximately 2 lbs of bones in your stock pan.
Fill with water
Add 2 Tbs of Apple Cider Vinegar.
Let this mixture sit in the cold water for 1 hour.
Add 2 Tbs of sea salt then bring to a boil making sure to remove any foam that comes to the top. I always tell my children that’s the impurities coming to the surface so we want to make sure to remove all of that.
Turn down temperature and allow to simmer all day.
If you have veggies you’d like to include, add those now.
Veggies that aren’t good enough for my table are perfect for my stock pot!
 If they aren’t good enough for the stock pot then they are splendid for the chickens.
If they aren’t good enough for the chickens, then we put them in the compost pile for our worms and then our garden.
See what I mean when I said earlier, ““If you’re throwing something out you probably don’t know what you’re really suppose to be doing with it?” This “food chain” process has been very helpful for my children throughout the years.
Okay, back to out topic of making this amazing healthy bone broth…

Once you have cooked your broth down, remove bones before serving.

We used to have our pot going all day or even a few days. The longer it cooked the more favorable I found the soup to be. I just paid careful attention to add water as need. If you want to know one of my secrets…I love to add some real butter to the pot a few hours before serving!! Talk about amazing!
I have some of this healing bone broth on the stove right now.  It will be gone fast.
If you’ve not tried making your own bone broth, give it a try! I bet you’ll never go back to the store bought broth again!
Until our next chat,
Mrs. Joseph Wood
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