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How to quickly heal a bladder infection

When my daughter has suffered from UTI’s my only question was, “How do I quickly heal a bladder infection?” I’ve heard lots of tips and ideas but in this blog post I’m only sharing what’s worked for us personally!

In fact, I’m calling this the unofficial “Ultimate blog post for Healing bladder infections” because that’s what it is! I’ve packed it full with information and products of exactly what I use when a UTI shows up in our home.

Seriously, what’s a mom supposed to do when her child gets a bladder infection? Run outside to the cranberry vine and pick a bushel? Well maybe not, but if you’re like me you probably instantly start to think of ways to stop the pain before it gets unbearable!

Here are some of my most tried and true tips for when my daughter or I deal with a bladder infection!


Increase water intake: If you are horrible at getting a full 2 liters of water in each day like me, then it’s EXTRA important to make sure you keep a bottle of water next to you and sip on it as you feel the start of a bladder infection coming on… Do not wait for it to become worse.

Pure Cranberry Juice: I always keep a bottle of pure cranberry juice in my fridge for times when drinking water simply doesn’t kick it. For myself I personally set a timer to go off each hour and I take a shot glass size of the cranberry juice followed by 8oz of water and repeat until I’m feeling better. Important note: Make sure you read the ingredients on your cranberry juice. I was surprised how many had very little cranberry juice.

Essential Oils: This has never failed to show intimidate results! Remember the one hour timer? If you have these oils on hand go ahead and apply them each hour as you drink the cranberry juice. Sometimes I am not home to drink the cranberry juice or if I haven’t been to the store to buy a new bottle of juice then I skip that step and go straight to the oils! I’ve never been disappointed. The oils work quickly to relieve the pain and if I’m if I’m faithful to drink my water then the infection is gone in no time!

Apply topically on the bladder area (lower abdomen).
You can also add a few drops to your water, but watch out, that Thieves oil has a kick!

  • 3 drops Thieves
  • 3 drops Lemon
  • 3 drops Purification


AVOID: Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee or citrus juices (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit)

AVOID: Bubble baths. I know this isn’t a fun tip. Especially if you have a little one who loves playing in the tub yet, sitting in bath water that is dirty is not a good idea for little ones who are prone to bladder infections. Fragrances in the soap can also add to irritation and UTI”s.

Frequent Urination: Don’t hold it. Let your body flush out the bad bacteria. Sometimes you may not have a heavy urination flow, that’s okay, your body still needs to get that out. If my daughter is having a really stubborn UTI then I set her on the toilet while she’s drinking her water, this tip seems to help her relax enough to go potty.

Appropriate Dress: Think casual, relaxed, and flowy  clothing that lets your skin breath and help keep the bacteria away. Cotton underwear is best or even no underwear at all. Make sure you wear cotton pants that breath easily and not too tight. Moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria, so make sure you are keeping yourself dry. Hold off on wearing skinny jeans or leggings for a few days after you’ve begun feeling better just to make sure you don’t irritate anything.


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