Life Is Like A Puzzle

Have you ever thought about how life is like a puzzle? Not just one puzzle, but multiple puzzles! That’s what I was pondering this morning.

My father loves to put puzzles together. I love shopping for new and unique puzzles each time I make a trip into the City just to share with him. I love to listen to him share as he perseveres over a puzzle, shares the challenges he’s having in a puzzle, and then the reward as he finally steps back and sees the puzzle come together just as the puzzle manufacturer intended.

If you’re not a puzzle person, then you may not realize there is a strategy, tools to assist, and character that is reinforced and developed by the variety of puzzles available.

Life is often like this. To be more specific, being a woman often means we have to be masters at putting puzzle pieces together.

We are making sure all the details of home life “fit” into the demands, desires, and dreams we hold.

We are taking the mundane and the memorable and placing them together so they create a masterpiece

There are times, for one reason or another, that our “puzzle pieces” get scattered. When we have to get down on our knees in prayer and pick up all the pieces and try again.

There are times we think a piece fits perfectly where we’ve placed it only to step back and see, it doesn’t fit there at all.

There are other times when we feel like our puzzle is complete… and we’re proud of how it looks! When soon after, God gives us another puzzle with more pieces, different color combinations, and challenges that the first puzzle didn’t present.


So what is the strategy and tools to assist us in putting together our own personal puzzles of life?

Here are three of my favorite personal tips.

  1. Prayer- Simple, honest, prayer! When I’m not spending time talking and listening to God this puzzle of life is a mess! I’ve got pieces scattered, and pieces that won’t fit. God doesn’t miraculously put my puzzle together every day, but He does give me peace as I continue putting the pieces together that He’s laid out before me.
  2. Organization- My father has the neatest tray that holds all his puzzle pieces. He sorts them by whatever means he deems necessary; color, shape, and works through the task. I have to do the same thing. I can’t always keep the pieces to the puzzle sorted properly, but when I have a system in place and know where things should go, then it’s easier to recognize when something is out of place and quickly place it where it belongs.  I truly enjoy the iBloom business/life planner to keep all my business/work related “puzzle pieces” in place. I just purchased an Emily Ley simplified planner for the entire family to use in 2016. The children are excited to be able to document favorite quotes of the day, grocery lists, birthday’s and appointments. I am keeping these as a scrapbook of sorts for our family that we can look back on.
  3. Perserverance- Good old fashion perserverance to see the task through. I have learned I have to make that very deliberate choice to follow through to the end… even when it’s hard, I’m exhausted, or no one will even notice. Persrvance will see the “puzzle” to completion by the Grace of God!

My last reminder for all of us would be this:  The day, the week, the month, or the year doesn’t fall apart by those major life events. It’s the small daily tasks we put off or purposefully ignore that end up causing our puzzle to scatter to the floor.

I ‘ve learned to take one piece at a time and persevere to the end through prayer… by God’s grace we will stand back and see He was creating a Masterpiece all along!

Until our next chat,

Mrs. Joseph Wood





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