Our Autumn Walk

Every year since we moved to Kansas our family has taken an Autumn Walk. This year was special to have my parents join us. The year before last was memorable because Zech and Beth Joy were with us. The year before that we had special moments taking Danny Boy for his first Autumn walk. Each year, for it’s own reasons, our Autumn walk holds importance.

The location of our walk is not a grand park, most popular site, or a frequently visited location. It’s a small space in Kansas overlooked by many, not ever even noticed by most. Yet, it holds incredible value for all of us.

As you pull off the dusty dirt road, you may think you’ve stumbled on an empty lot. There isn’t much for the eye to see. Chances are your car will be the only car facing the small grass lot with autumn colored trees as the backdrop.


As you walk through the grass and begin to enter the trees you notice there is more before you that you couldn’t see. The narrow path is covered with leaves, grass that has been trampled down, broken rocks, and branches that have fallen.



It’s a place where you can hear the wind blow and the birds flutter. It’s a place where you can hear the leaves crackle and the twigs snap under your feet. It’s a place where the life doesn’t need to be grand where God reveals himself through creation, in it’s organic beauty, and it is enough.

autumnwalk3There’s a story behind this place. A time of activity, pioneers, long days of work, hot summers and bitterly cold winters. A time filled with adventure, hope, tragedy, death and now stillness.

Maybe that is why I like it so much. I think about the mothers and wives that lived in this place before me. Women with busy days, toddlers to care for, husbands to help, and homes to manage. They did it all without Google, without online communities, or DIY blog articles. They learned as they lived and built real life relationships. Relationships where they learned how to navigate through all the different seasons of life. Times of newness, birth, marriage, conflict, struggle, hardships, and death. These relationships were often built with vision for the unborn generation. A time when people honored friendships by their parents. A time when strangers helped each other and didn’t call each other strangers.

That is what our Autumn walk is all about- building relationships within our family for generations not yet born.



It’s about thanking God for all we have.



It’s about sharing dreams together. Conversations about the past, present and future.





It’s a time to play together and enjoy a meal together.





It’s a time to give thanks.

I am thankful we make time for this family tradition each year.  I encourage all of us to create these simple traditions that build relationships. Relationships that will have a monumental impact on lives… your life, mine, and yes… generations yet born.

Until our next chat,

Mrs. Joseph Wood


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