Pumpkin Stack Craft

This Fall Pumpkin Decor is so simple! You can display it in your home, on your porch, in your backyard, you could even use it for a family photo shoot! All you need for this pumpkin stack craft are 3 to 5 pretty pumpkins, varying in size, type and appearance to make it look more fun!

pumpkin stack

For mine a used three different colors. The hardest part is finding pumpkins that are flat enough on the bottom to stack. I’ve seen some people actually use a wooden or metal down or stick to pound all the way through them to keep them stuck together that way, but I just wanted to neatly stack mine, I thought it looked more natural. After you have found the perfect pumpkins for the project, all you need to do is break or cut off the stems of the bottom two pumpkins to help them balance. Then place the smallest one on top, and there you have it! This activity is so simple, your kids will love helping with it. It will look great on your porch too! Hope you enjoy this and make your porch pretty and inviting this fall!

-Miranda Wood
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