What I love about Saturday

This is what I love about Saturdays- Simplicity. Family. Faith. Love. Laughter.

We woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. Our oldest son, Jed, missed his flight home. Plans need to change and we won’t be celebrating our grandson’s birthday today. We will gather at the park to celebrate tomorrow. We know God’s plans are perfect. He is even orchestrating the time for these ordinary days. 

I started the day out in prayer with my dear Joe. It wasn’t long after that when we heard the V8 engine rumbling of daddy’s Firebird. That could only mean one thing- Jacob, Bekah, and Emmy were here!

Danny Boy began to cheer. Emmy’s here! Is Gunner he asked?

I love spending the day with family.

We spent time dreaming of Paris, London, and Rome. I love seeing Timothy’s eyes light up as he talks about the places he wants to go.


Several of the boys spent the day playing together while my Joe and Elisha went to Kansas City to pick up a truck.

Chilli was on the stove. The perfect dish for this autumn day in Kansas.

Bekah, Emmy, and I enjoyed the day shopping, chatting, and laughing. I found multiple stickers and pretty additions for our family planner by Emily Ley. I also found multiple items for my business planner that I get from iBloom each year. I love these journals (but that’s another conversation).

Before dinner, we all gathered around, held hands and listened as the toddlers prayed and then as my Joe finished praying. I couldn’t help but think…. this is what I love about Saturday

I get a text from my son in law, married to my sweet Beth Joy, sharing how they had just finished a walk in the orchard and were counting their blessings. We have so much to be thankful for.

Elisha is playing hymns on the piano.

It’s been a full and joyful day.

Tonight I count all my blessings. They are many. I sit in my comfy Paula Dean chair that my parents purchased as a birthday present for me. My feet are up on the overstuffed ottoman. Toddlers play next to me, giggling as they try to talk to Seri . They burst out in belly laughs each time Seri replies, “I didn’t quite get that.”

This is what I love about Saturday…

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